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Animus are creatures that appear to serve the Holy Cora Alliance. Following intense prayer and religious fervor to the almighty Decem by his people, the Animus were grated as tokens of power to the mages of the Alliance as a way of assisting their people in defeating both the Accretian Empire and the Bellato Union, beating said factions at claiming the mines of the Novus. Though undeniably powerful, a lack of control over these majestic creatures can prove just as deadly for the summoner.

Each of them serve a distinct purpose, and can change the tide of battle when used appropriately. Currently, there are only four known Animus to exist, though it is unknown if more will be released in future patches.


Cora Summoner Oppression

Cora Summoner Oppression

Taste the wrath of Decem!

Animus can only be summoned by corite players (specifically by the Specialist), and as such must be used wisely when emplyed on the field of an ongoing battle.

List of AnimusEdit