Decem is the god who is worshipped by corites and responsible for granting them the power to summon the Animus in the Novus Wars. His name is often invoked in battle or during meditation by those who wield his powerful magicks and appears to function his people's spiritual chief of state in his role as the deity self chrged with leading a literally theocratic state.


Decem is frequently mentioned by the mages or key authority figures of the Holy Cora Alliance and plays a vital background role in the history of their people.


  • He is the only known deity to be mentioned in the entire game (discounting the praise heaped upon the Emperor of Accretia by biased Accretians who have grown to be oh so fond of their beloved tyrant).
  • The strength of this God is said to be unparalleled, though this could just as easily be a form of religious propaganda to boost morale among corite troops.
  • It is not clear why Decem has not made himself physically manifest in the world of RF, though this may be a just a result of late development, if the story is at all going to be told.
RF ONLINE PH - The Champions of Decem by Zaria

RF ONLINE PH - The Champions of Decem by Zaria