~Every character has their own specified skills.

~Skill there are only 2 types of Skills:

1-Close Range Skills

2-Long Range Skills

~Each of these skills has 4 levels (Low,Mid and High) and divided into 4 partition which is:

=Basic (Doesn't need any specific PT's to be use)

=Expert (Unlockable after reaching Basic Pts 30/X) [Based on your main class]

=Elite (Unlockable after reaching Expert Pts 50 or 60/X) [Based on your main class]

=Master (Unknown, Still in development maybe)

~Basic skill can be used on any kinds of classes (Mystic,specialist,warrior, and Ranger)

~Expert,Elite and Master for Close Range Skill cannot be learned by Ranger. The same also Applied with Ranger.

~ Extra, Classes Skill is unlocked during level 30 and another class promote on reaching level 40.

~Another extra, There's also a cross-class character in this game. The meta one that I usually found is Meele x Mage,Range x Mage. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to do that since I never tried it before in account of my lack playtime in this game. If you guys know how to, feel free to share your knowledge with others. :D